Luciano Marchina tells us

Luciano Marchina tells us

Technology, future and internationalization.
We met Mr Luciano Marchina, CEO of Mara, and asked him a few questions.


Where does the idea of inserting so much technology into the products come from?

Since I was a child, I had a passion for mechanics and in particular for engines, but soon I had to start working in my father’s company, where they produced chair frames. Over time I saw what little mechanics there were in the chairs and that’s where the work met the passion.
Today, making static objects dynamic has become the core business of the company, but for me it remains also great fun.

What do you see in the future of Mara?

Probably today only a small number of potential users around the world knows about Mara’s innovative projects. For the future I dream of a company increasingly distributed throughout
the world because it is appreciated for its technological inventions, solutions that meet the needs of constantly evolving environments.

How do you imagine managing the company in the future?

I do not exclude the possibility of important international collaborations to pursue the dream just described. Having ears all over the world to listen to the needs of the many markets is the first step towards a truly widespread internationalisation.