Mara, 60 years of evolving history
Mara, 60 years of evolving history

2020 will be an important year in which we will celebrate our 60th anniversary.
Sixty years of research and technology, quality, sustainability and service.

Founded in 1960 by Camillo Marchina as a company specializing in the construction of metal chair frames, over the course of six decades Mara has expanded its range of action, not only productive, but also geographical, becoming a brand appreciated in 70 countries around the world.
Today it is led by the second and third generations, respectively Luciano and Laura Marchina, who have maintained its original values (research and technology, quality, sustainability, service) even though integrated with a view to development, internationalization and digitalization. The challenges of the 21st century have led the Brescia-based company to redefine its production process and design philosophy, keeping pace with new living trends and new working space concepts: hybrid, flexible, interconnected, open spaces, to which Mara has responded with collections that are equally integrated, modular and adaptable to environments and needs. A modus operandi that has been positively recognized by the market and that, during all these years, has transformed a small company into a 4.0 industry.

For this important goal we have created a dedicated logo that will accompany us throughout 2020.

Stay tuned!