Inaugurated on 4 October the exclusive installation ‘Design Landscape’ realised by Mara in collaboration with FENIX®

Inaugurated on 4 October the exclusive installation ‘Design Landscape’ realised by Mara in collaboration with FENIX®

A path of inspiration in Mara’s versatile design, through design, senses and colour.

It is an ever-evolving panorama that Mara looks at. A panorama of colour and senses, design and architecture, beauty in all its forms that creates new experiences and synergic interactions.
This atmosphere and this concept have inspired the ‘Design Landscape’ project, an immersive installation realised in collaboration with FENIX® inside the FENIX Scenario showroom, in via Quintino Sella 1, Milan.

A long-lasting collaboration binds the two brands, starting from the product development – the exclusive FENIX surfaces cover the tops of Mara tables, in a combination of comfort and aesthetic pleasure. But even more a shared vision, marked by innovation, continuous research, sustainability and highest quality, aimed at an excellent performance in interior design.

From 4 October, the day of the inauguration, to 25 October, the interactive and design hub of FENIX is transformed into an urban landscape thanks to an original and evocative combination of Mara’s collections for the office, contract and home. Architectural geometries stand up in the large exhibition space overlooking the street through the tall windows that allow a glance at this parallelism realised through Mara’s most iconic products and absolute novelties.

A rich presence of plants and vegetation by HW Style (a Milan-based company specialised in creating gardens and green spaces) helps to foster an urban space ideal, while giving rhythm to the environment and recalling how fundamental nature is as source of well-being in every living context.

The ‘Design Landscape’ installation originates a path within Mara’s multifaceted and versatile design – that from the office and hospitality world, where the company established itself over the years, now extends also to the home. The installation is divided into four display areas, each representing a different interior context: the workplace area with its aggregative and yet operative character, is dominated by a large and convivial table of nine metres length, composed by three Timmy Libro the space-saving and foldable tables; surrounded by the Icon chairs (with high back and synchro movement) and the B302 benches (with comfy soft cushions)

the living area inspires pure sociality thanks to the Follow Meeting Cone table (featuring a sculptural geometry and a patented mechanical height adjustability), for executive environments but even contemporary dining place; all around the new Icon chairs in leather, elegant and comfortable.

Then there is the lounge area, with its myriad of accessories that invite you to relax: from the Follow tables with a central base and the Follow Break coffee tables, to the Icon Lounge armchairs with their enveloping backrests. Finally, the meeting space, where the ergonomic and height-adjustable Follow Meeting Large table of considerable dimensions takes its place, accompanied by the Icon stools. To crown this display, a composition of the B302 bookcase modules, that hung from the ceiling at different heights design a playful, imaginary and green constellation, thanks to a cascade of plants.

If, on the one hand, the aim of the installation is to inspire new expressions of furniture, on the other hand, it is clearly to stimulate senses through shapes, materials and colour. FENIX, first of all, with its distinctive properties such as opacity and soft touch lends itself to new shades, including the latest Evora Yellow and Fes Blue applied to the table tops, which perfectly match with the painted metal structures.

While the warm and natural nuances of the soft fabrics by Kvadrat and Gabriel create harmonious combinations, both contrasting and ton sur ton, between the different elements.