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The seating archetype finds a new, evolved expression in Icon, the exclusive collection of chairs by Mara. The company, with the creative contribution of Marcello Ziliani, gives life to a strongly identifiable proposal, original in its simplicity, highly innovative in its design and versatile in its intended use.
The Icon collection represents the formal synthesis of Mara’s profound research and experimentation, also reflecting its linear style and familiar character. Featuring a refined aesthetic, typical of domestic seating, and a cutting-edge technology that draws directly from the working space, Icon expands the company’s furnishing boundaries, embracing the residential, hospitality and office sectors, and much more.

The minimalist expression, however, encapsulates extreme comfort, thanks to a large, soft cushioning (made of moulded foam) and, above all, thanks to the movement of the back, which is detached from the seat. Icon, in fact, although it is a typical tub seating, is not a mono shell: the seat and back have been deliberately made separately so as to guarantee independent movements.

A thin slit stands out between these two elements, giving a sense of lightness and an aerial effect to the upper part. Evident from the outside the absence of mechanisms generating the movements of the back and seat (in the version with the swivel base on castors), carefully concealed in the armrests and base respectively, thanks to systems designed by Marcello Ziliani and Mara’s R&D team.

Hence the choice of a name emblematic of its revolutionary scope. It presents itself as an ‘icon’ for Mara and the world of design, into which it plunges from the outset with its classic yet confident and bold character: its clear-cut lines that define it, the receding armrest that looks backwards and the upward-reaching edge are representative of this.

Icon collection was ideally designed to complement Mara’s renowned range of tables in a synergetic and fluid way, solutions featuring patented systems that allow space-saving and height-adjustable movements.
Its open and dynamic nature makes Icon ideal for any furnishing environment and architectural space, thanks to its structural comfort and sober, elegant appeal.

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