Mara Design Show at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023

Mara Design Show at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023

Mara returns to the Salone del Mobile, Milano with an immersive setting that intends to surprise in terms of proposals and scenography. Protagonists, novelties and icons, enriched by the new colour range.

Mara attendance at the big show at the Salone del Mobile.Milano was a return by setting up an entirely personal, unprecedented and completely immersive show. Protagonists were its collections, which become ideal representations of contemporary design trends as well as of the principles and values that are shaping the company’s new image.

A large deep blue box held a long catwalk in the centre, leaving space at the sides for the public. The echo was that of the fascinating fashion shows in Milan, Paris and New York that have just ended, which inspired both the setting and the colour palette. But on the stage, under the spotlights, only two icons Made in Mara stand, and all around them, admiringly, the novelties. The main scene was then shifted to the parterre, where one could freely take a seat and move about to discover the company’s major innovations.

It was therefore Follow Meeting Large and Timmy Libro tables that caught the eye in the centre, while a constellation of the most recent products were neatly arranged like bewitched spectators: Icon seating collection, Follow Meeting Cone table and Follow Break occasional tables.

Mara thus played with reality, overturning canons and expectations within the setting. In the same way it did with its design: traditionally associated with the world of hospitality, the community and the office, it went beyond the usual boundaries to conquer the domestic setting, where it fitted in expressing a new personality, combining ergonomics with comfort and practicality.

The versatility of the furnishings was indeed at the heart of the new Mara proposals, values that reflected a new idea of living spaces, both residential and contract.